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This page contains information for making tuition payments online. For paying your enrollment deposit, please follow this link. For undergraduate students, tuition payments are due August 15 for Fall and December 15 for Spring. For graduate students, tuition and fees are due on or before the first day of class.

You can make an electronic payment with the Pay Online Now button at the top of this page. Following this link will lead you to Bill+Payment web site hosted by our secure payment partner, TouchNet. For your security, verify the page you land on looks like the image below and the site address begins with

International Payments: We have partnered with TransferMate to streamline the experience of making payments in your local currency from nearly any country. International payments are integrated into the payment checkout process in Bill+Payment.


Student Login Information

After you make enrollment deposit, you'll receive a six-digit student ID number.  This and a PIN number, which is your birthday in the format MMDDYY (i.e. May 16, 2005 would be 051605) lets you access your account on Bill+Payment under the Student and Staff login button

login image

Authorized User Login

Parents, guardians or other payers can be given their own accounts within Bill+Payment. After logging in under your Student User account look for the Authorized User option to setup account access for another person.

Payment Plans

You can also setup an interest-free tuition payment plan if you prefer to pay over time. Payment plans are offered by a third-party partner of the College called Nelnet Campus Commerce. Plan applications and account management are all available online.


Student account questions including Authorized User setup, balances, payments and charges, should be directed to the Student Accounts Receivable Rep in the Business Office. If you have trouble signing in or need technical assistance please contact the IT Helpdesk at 208-459-5777.